LEVICS ultrasonic aspirator:

Excellent instrument design
for precise working


Enabling advanced surgical techniques for leading neurosurgery, Söring focuses on the continious development of medical devices. Through intensive global collaborations with leading neurosurgeons, we enable optimized work efficiency while improving patient safety.


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Excellent intrument design
for precise working

Well balanced and lightweight instruments supports a safe working over long periods of surgery.


Enhanced sonotrode

Broad range of sonotrodes with different lengths, diameters and tip geometries.



Ultrasonic aspiration merged
with IONM

For a higher accuracy of mapping and a safer resection process.

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Excellent instrument design for precise working

  • fragments tumors of different consistencies precisely and effectively

  • well balanced and lightweight instrument supports a safe working over long periods of surgery

  • filigree and angled shape of the instrument body ensures an optimum view of the surgical field

  • using the intuitiv torque wrench, the sonotrode can be mounted rapidly and easily without any additional tools

LEVICS enhanced sonotrode assortment
LEVICS Single-use_Standard

LEVICS Sonotrode, standard
available in working lengths:
36 mm, 98 mm and 108 mm


LEVICS Single-use_Beveled

LEVICS Sonotrode, beveled
available in working lengths:
37 mm and 98 mm


LEVICS Single-use_Notched

LEVICS Sonotrode, notched
available in working lengths:
37 mm and 97 mm


For leading neurosurgery

The only comprehensive product assortment
for ultrasonic tumor aspiration

Further information about our unique and comprehensive product portfolio in ultrasonic tumor aspiration:


ENP Endoscopic Micro instrument:
Experience the advanced neuroendsocopy
Unique ultrasonic aspirator used with the
advanced neuroendoscopic system
Aesculap® MINOP® InVent


Ultrasonic aspiratior merged with IONM:
Maximize your clinical outcome. Optimize your safety
LEVICS ultrasonic aspiration merged with intraoperative neuromonitoring in neurosurgery.